How to get a loan in Ukraine?

Getting a bank loan today is much easier than ever. To do this, as a rule, it is enough to fill out an online application and in a few minutes (maximum 2 hours) with the client a representative of the financial institution is contacted with detailed explanations.


In the application you must fill in all the lines. There are a few of them: Name, phone number (mobile), identification number, date of birth, loan amount that you plan to get. Also, the application may have questions about your job and the purpose of the loan.

As a rule, the bank will not check what goals you spend on your loan, if it is not about car loans. As a rule, financial institutions do not issue loans for treatment, re-lending and business opening. However, without problems issue money for the purchase of furniture, appliances. If you answer in the column on employment, temporarily unemployed or on maternity leave, then you should not expect to receive a loan. If you have already applied for a particular bank and received a refusal, it makes no sense to apply to the same organization within the next one and a half months. It is also not recommended to submit several applications in a row at the same institution. The bank will accept only one application, others will be ignored.

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Remember that the correct phone number should be indicated. If a bank specialist can not contact you by calling 3-4 times, then the application is considered invalid and only one and a half months can be submitted.

Once you have filled in the online form correctly, a representative of the bank will contact you to clarify the details, for example, in which branch of the bank you can approach to receive cash or cashless funds (on the map). Keep in mind that banks do not work on weekends. Therefore, if you fill out an application on a day off, then wait for a specialist call only on Monday.

To get a loan, most often, there are only three documents: Ukrainian passport, INN, income statement. If you want to get a small loan, then the certificate may not be necessary.

After you have received money or a card in a bank, you must necessarily take the original loan agreement. If you are issued a loan on a card, you should also not forget to take a sealed envelope, which contains pin-code for the card. Please note that it should be free of damage. In many banks you can use the service of changing the pin-code on-site when receiving a card and its first use. The specialist will advise you on how to do it. You should place the signature on the map in the right place.

On the site of the specialist please specify the information on the terms and conditions of repayment of the loan. Do not throw away receipts that are left after repayment of the loan. They are recommended to keep at least three years.


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